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Brand Strategy and Website Copy
for Adatos.Ai

With an ever-growing food demand on earth but finite land to harvest from, humanity is facing a major challenge: How to keep feeding the growing population with the resources we have? Enter Adatos.Ai - a Singapore based AI company that combines satellite imagery with machine learning to provide analytical models about our earth's farmlands and ecosystems. The data enables farmers and agronomists to conduct sustainable, intensified agriculture. Insights about crop health, pest identification, droughts, and more, make it possible to use resources more effectively and grow more out of the existing land. 

Mapping the invisible small
Team small

The Challenge

Adatos.Ai didn't have a clearly defined brand and therefore, a website that was more of a composition of images, quotes, long copy pieces and use cases. To visitors of the website, it was not obvious whether they were looking at an NGO or a commercial company. There was a need to translate the rather technical matter of what the company does, into a brand story with easier to understand copy on a refreshed website. 

The Solution & Approach

Together with a Creative from Singapore, I got to work with the team of Adatos.Ai. Video calls, briefings and interviews of the two founders were the first sources to study in detail. This was followed by more research on the subject matter of remote sensing, agricultural intensification and nature-based solutions. Brand archetypes, a positioning matrix, understanding the audience and a competition analysis helped to work out a brand strategy and set Adatos.Ai apart from the rest as a Hero Brand. The defined brand strategy was poured into a compelling visual identity and a final guideline document. For the world to see, this was brought together in a complete website make-over, with clearer navigation, value proposition and brand story.

Brand Guideline Deck Adatos.jpg

new website crop1


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