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No onion left behind

Copy- and Content Writing for 
Gourmet Ingredients

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Clean label food ingredients represent one of the biggest shifts in the industry in recent years. More and more consumers are seeking out for food products that contain less artificial additives and preferably all natural ingredients. Gourmet is one of the biggest onion, shallot and garlic growers of the Netherlands. With its sub-brand Gourmet Ingredients, the company is dedicated to deliver high-quality and clean label ingredients made from these versatile and powerful underground bulbs popular in every cuisine around the world. Their credo: 0% waste during production. 

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The Challenge

Gourmet Ingredients needed a Tone of Voice that would differentiate itself from both its mother company and from competition. It was allowed to be a bit more fun and engaging with the aim to inspire and inform the target audiences. These include product developers, R&D managers and purchasers. After the go-live of the website, further content like Blogs, White papers and case studies will be produced to drive leads and conversion. 

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The Solution & Approach

Several in-depth interviews were conducted with team members from Gourmet Ingredients, including the Commercial Director and Product Developer. The knowledge gained from these talks alongside extensive desk research resulted in website copy that was distinctive by creating images in the readers' minds. An online document was used to collaborate on feedback and to craft the copy to perfection. 

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