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The club of the branded bunch.

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A collection of the work I have done or contributed to as a freelancer and employee in the past years. From award-winning image films to successful content strategies and simple translations. 

Take a look around! 

Vredestein Tyres (Agriculture)

Produced for the brand Vredestein and its agricultural tyres division, Live The Land is an emotional brand film that appeals to the pride of farmers and their work worldwide and comes in several languages. This film took more than a year of filming throughout different seasons and took home a Gold Award.

Company: Apollo Vredestein B.V. 

Role: Marketing

Agency: Sounds Like Film

Award: Autovision Gold

Hilti Nederland

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Hilti's well-known webinars in the engineering community got ever more important and of value. With new hardware and branding, the webinar experience was lifted to the next level.

Company: Hilti Nederland B.V. 

Role: Branding, Production & Edit 

Results: Higher employee motivation & higher engagement during webinar

Vredestein Tyres (Passenger Cars)

To promote the qualities of Vredestein All-Season tyres and increase the brand's awareness in Germany, four influencers got into the car for a wild ride on the Nürburgring circuit and spread their experience on social media. 

Company: Apollo Vredestein B.V. 

Role: Marketing

Agency: 3sixtyfive

Results: 2M Reach, ca. 4% Engagement

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