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Web copy for W Budapest

Born in New York in the late 90s, W Hotel has been expanding on the world map under the Marriott Group in recent times. With a focus on bold design, diverse programming and prime locations, the hospitality brand has the allure for the next-generation lifestyle luxury seekers. 

As W has taken its identity from a juvenile and glitzy party image to a more sophisticated personality, the copy had to reflect this brand evolution. 

The tone of voice is passionate, playful, audacious at times and polished. For the opening of the W in Budapest, I delivered the entire web copy so that travellers start packing after reading just the intro of the website. 


Between vice and virtue, experience the spirit of table societies from a long-gone era. Enter a den of delight and enjoy signature cocktails that are poetry for the palates. If these walls could talk, you'd hear stories from the roaring 20s.

(Society25, Speakeasy bar)

Soft pink hues and curved lines meld with a lush colour palette into a graceful ballet dance of design. A contemporary twist on Zsolnay-like tiles, and jewellery-inspired light fittings dot the "i" in interior. Enter the golden age of La Belle Époque through one of the 45 suites and revel in true fashion with joie de vivre.

(Signature suites)


This take on the Presidential Suite is extreme, and wow for sure. Stretched out on 198 m², some highlights include a separate living room, a bar and a kitchen. While views outside transport you to the French Renaissance, inside, chequered interior details continue the narrative nod to the Budapest chess culture. In other words, this is the checkmate of luxury stays.


(Extreme WOW suite)


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