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5 places, 4 countries, 3 cultures, 

2 passports, 1 person. 


Hi, I'm Erhan.

I guess it all started with me explaining to my parents at the dinner table the choice of my studies by saying “ I want to understand why people choose a certain pack of cigarettes over another.” Luckily, I never developed any interest in smoking but so much more for Branding. Because Brands represent identity. And growing up in a Turkish home in Germany, I was surrounded by various cultures, identities and languages through family and friends.

Leaving home, I found the same buzzing surrounding in the years to come. International studies in Arnhem and South Africa, followed by working for multinationals in Amsterdam and Rotterdam with colleagues all around the world. So, no surprise that I am now happily settled in a multicultural home with my Dutch wife and our son.


Now looking back at the experiences I gained, the thrill I get from insides views into different markets and value chains, my fascination with corporate culture and the demand for more creativity in B2B, I want to focus on what I am most passionate about: identities, stories and writing. 

erhantartan about personality.png

Why work with me?

  • My personality profile says "Performance-oriented visionary & mediator

  • Harmony and cooperation are my driving forces 

  • Structured way of working to show results 

  • Creative & analytical - a good mix of left and right brain 

  • Empathic, good at listening and helping people with tasks they find difficult themselves 

  • I think along with clients, take a holistic view on matters and help to implement ideas not just deliver them

  • International experience 

  • German quality of work in precision, commitment and diligence. 


Key Achievements

erhantartan about key achievements.png
  • 165% more followers & 120% more website button clicks in after one month on Linkedin

  • Design & execution of Marketing Communications strategy for EU

  • Contribution to 24% net sales growth in the EU within two years

  • Design & execution of social media strategy with 8% Engagement Rate in the first three months

  • Development of award-winning (AutoVision 2019, Gold) image film

  • Social ad campaigns with 2.5% CTR


erhantartan about languages.png


erhantartan about skills.png
  • German (Native) 

  • Turkish (Native) 

  • English (Fluent) 

  • Dutch (Fluent)

  • Adobe Indesign 

  • Adobe Photoshop 

  • Coosto 

  • Hootsuite

  • Canva

  • Facebook Business Manager & Linkedin

  • Google Analytics

  • more...


erhantartan about education.png


erhantartan about career work.png
  • Masterclass Content Marketing (2019)
    University of Amsterdam 

  • BA Communication (2012 - 2016)
    HAN University of Applied Sciences 

  • Industriekaufmann (2008 - 2011)
    IHK Germany & Brühl Safety Group GmbH

  • Senior Communication Specialist (2020 - 2021)
    Hilti Nederland B.V. 

  • Senior Marketing Communication Specialist for EU (2017 - 2020)

  • Marketing & Strategy Internship (2015)
    DAY Creative Partners B.V. 

  • Business Trainee & Administrator in Accounting (2008 - 2012)
    Brühl Safety Group GmbH  

Need more detail?

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