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Hi, I'm Erhan. 
Man of my

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Creative Copywriter

Is it worth it? Let me work it

What do onion juice concentrate, Ai that feeds off high-quality satellite images, and E-Mopeds all have in common? 
Yeah, right. One guy who wrote about them as a freelancer. And got paid for it. 

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Copywriting course 
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Content Marketing


"Writing under pressure", certified by

Never too cool for school


Some of my best features 

  • 8+ years of B2B experience from SMEs to global multinationals

  • Working with Creative Agencies

  • Operational and strategic Marketing & Branding 

  • Social Media strategy & growth 

  • Content creation & management 

  • Extensive (creative) network in both DE & NL

  • Years of writing experience in Blogs, Newsletters, Songs (yes, Songs), etc.

  • Keynote speaking & Masterclasses

  • Visually creative - "information can be beautiful"

Pick & Choose.
What do you need help with?

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Brand Strategy

Who you are matters as much as what you do. I can help you find or refresh your unique Brand DNA to make a leap on the marketplace.

Content &


Tell better stories and copy right. Selling is dead. I can help you find the sweet spot between what you have to tell and what your audience wants to hear and read.

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Donors & Beneficiaries

Clients / Agencies




Ha! Marketing
Prosper & Bloom Agency 


108 Media 

Automotive Center Südwestfalen 

Brühl Safety


Rebel Group

W Hotels 


Jumbo Games 





ITDS Business Consultants

Gourmet Ingredients

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What they say about me

Erhan helped us with impactful copy to further expand our brand in the German market. He always thinks beyond the brief and uses any resource to gather insights for the task at hand. This, and the ability to embody the brand’s essence and Tone of Voice, makes him come up with creative copy to the point. His work contributed to 4x higher CTR and 30% lower CPI. Clear communication, good vibes, great collab!


—  Tobias Reissig, Marketing Manager at felyx Germany

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Curious what I could do for you?

Great, let's have a chat. I'm a good listener and I bet you could use a break from preparing Powerpoints for the next meeting or hours of Salesforce training.

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