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Brand Strategy

We buy because we feel.
Turn transactions into relationships.

Research from Google & CEB shows just that. Branding matters much more in B2B than you still might think.
But quite logical if you stop and think about it. Whether a purchaser buying a new moulding machine or a CEO signing a deal for a software service worth a new car -
the stakes are much higher than a consumer buying a new pair of jeans.

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does not replace

Powerful B2B brands evoke and build trust, reassurance, thought-leadership and more. Therefore, Branding comes first. It is the lighthouse guiding you through your marketing road map to create a competitive advantage. And I can help you finding your unique Brand DNA or finetuning the existing one.

What you get and how you benefit

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Brand Purpose

The reason for being beyond making money. The Brand Essence connecting with your audience on an emotional level and building loyalty as well as a competitive advantage.

Mission & Vision

Inspiring statements that capture what future your brand wants to create and how.

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Target Audience & Personas

Defining your customers by better understanding their needs, pain points, motivations, etc. Personas help to create better content and messages.

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Tone of Voice

Giving your brand a humanising way of speaking that is coherent with its values and creates consistency in all contents.

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Brand Narrative

All elements combined into a storytelling copy that resonates with your employees and customers as well as attracting talents.

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Anything else you are looking for at this point? Do you fancy a new Visual Brand Identity? Let me know and I can get my creative network onboard. 

Do you have your Brand Strategy on point but still need help on telling it with the right words?

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I just gave you at least 5 good reasons to contact me!

Let's talk about how I can help you with your brand challenges. 

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